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Make A Law is about the people's right to participate and make a difference. Discover and learn about the Initiative (make a new law) and Referendum (repeal an existing law) process. Learn how you can get involved and Make A Law that makes a difference at local and state levels. Education and collective action is our best defense against bad laws.

Attention Congress: You Are the Problem
Congress Is Not Broken - Congress is Corrupt !!!
Congress Will NOT Fix America - No Matter Which President You Elect

Election 2012 - Operation Clean Sweep !!!
Vote For Anyone But Your Incumbent !!!
Better Yet - Vote For Anyone But A Republican or Democrat !!!
...Unless You Want More Of The Same...

1. Congress is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the economic health and well being of we, the people who elected them. Not electing your incumbent representative just might be your last chance to save America from total destruction. Submit and discuss solutions.

2. Congress is known and proven to be guilty of insider trading while exempting themselves from the laws that would send the rest of us to jail for the same crimes. How many more times are we going to elect the same, self serving idiots ???

3. We need to elect a Congress of our peers that will take only ONE OATH: To defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Learn More.

4. The Republican and Democratic parties are corrupt and the political process they refuse to change is corrupt. How many years are we going to believe the same lies??? Learn More.

The taxpayer cost to run Congress in 2010 was 5.4 Billion dollars - $618,131.87 per hour, $14,835,165 per day, $103,846,154 per week.... The Treasonous debt ceiling debate cost taxpayers over a billion dollars for approximately three months "work"....and what did they accomplish - the first ever US credit downgrade !!! Nice work Congress !

THE BIGGEST JOKE OF ALL: A proposed balanced budget Amendment to the Constitution....40 years and 14 Trillion dollars later !!!

Watch the Debt Clock Grow While Congress Gets Richer.

WE, THE PEOPLE, need a Constitutional Amendment
that allows for a national right to Initiative & Referendum.

Meanwhile, You Can Make A Difference !!! Start locally...Write an editorial to your local newspaper. Identify a problem, do your homework and propose a sensible solution. Learn more about making a law.

Recall is a procedure that allows citizens to remove and replace a public official before the end of a term of office. Only nineteen states permit the recall of state officials. Learn More.

In addition to getting involved with the law making process at city and state levels, it may be time to express your opinion on the law making process in Congress !!!

You can start to make a difference in your city or county! The Initiative and Referendum process is available to you in thousands of counties, cities and towns across the country and is utilized far more frequently than their statewide counterpart.

Although the initiative process is different in every state, there are certain aspects of the process that are common to all. The five basic steps to any initiative are:

1. Preliminary filing of a proposed initiative with a designated state official;

2. Review of the initiative for compliance with statutory requirements prior to circulation;

3. Circulation of the petition to obtain the required number of signatures;

4. Submission of the petition signatures to the elections official for verification of the signatures;

5. The placement of the initiative on the ballot and subsequent vote.

In All Matters
Education is your last line of defense.

Learn More About
Initiative & Referendum

Common Arguments & Misconceptions

Many Claim that Initiatives are a tool of special interests and influenced by money: There can be Good Special Interests and Not So Good Special Interests. When did Special interests NOT influence Congress? And who seems to be winning - good guys or bad guys? The Initiative and Referendum process levels the playing field. There are more than a few respected Americans out there that could fund an Initiative to end our dependency on foreign oil - without entitlements.

Voters are incompetent to decide complex issues: I beg to disagree. How can we do worse than put the United States into bankruptcy??? We, The People are very capable of making tough and informed decisions.  We go out of our way to become informed when challenged with a serious problem. We can make the tough decisions because we will need to live with them. George Gallup, after 50 years in the public opinion polling business stated: "The Judgment of the American people is extraordinarily sound.  The public is always ahead of its leaders."

Many initiatives are bad ideas. Says who ???   Historical facts indicate much positive change has occurred at local and state levels with the Initiative and Referendum process. The cost to fund an effort for a serious Initiative is alone a limit to frivolous laws and ballet measures. The final check against bad ideas is a vote of the people. Tax limits failed eight times before it became a good idea.  It became a good idea because it eventually became clear that the issue would not be addressed by politicians. I believe we have reached the point where most can agree that the important issues our nation faces have little chance of resolution by Congress or a new President.



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